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“” is seriously fun for rainy days!

on April 10, 2013


Lately, I have been doing some serious searching for educational (yet fun) websites and apps that I can use with my two kids.  This has become especially useful during the winter and spring months here, since all we seem to get are snowy, windy and rainy days anymore!  I heard about this SeriouslyAmazing website on the radio, actually, and decided to investigate.  This site is run by the experts at the Smithsonian Museum and gives detailed and interactive answers to questions like the ones you see above in the picture.  My almost six-year-old son has actually asked me some of these questions, such as the “What exactly does a bear do in the woods?” one.  So, we investigated the answer to that and were pleasantly surprised with not only an explanation, but with a link to real footage from a camera that films animals candidly out in their natural environments…how cool!  This site is not only seriously cool for kids (and parents, too), but it has a kid-friendly set-up (with bright, vivid colors and images to accompany questions).  Also, being run by the Smithsonian gives it tons of credibility in this educator’s book!  Try it out with your kids and tell us in the comments something that you learned!  Have fun!




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