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Good deals on soccer stuff (boys and girls), Swagbucks & Gap discount! 8/4

on August 4, 2011

Soccer stuff

I know a lot of us Megacoolmamas have our kids in sports, and soccer seems to be one of the most popular sports for little ones in my area.  If one of your little ones plays soccer, you may want to check out Totsy  and see what they have!  I was just looking and found THE CUTEST designed soccer balls, shin guards, backpacks and soccer cleats for kids! 

For example, I found this soccer ball for a little girl that originally retails for $17.50, and it is priced at 10.50 on Totsy


I also found this one for little boys at the same price!



They also have mini trainer versions of the same soccer balls priced for $6 and shin guards with cute designs for $6.50!

This would be a great opportunity to stock up on Christmas gifts for all the little soccer players in your family…don’t forget to look around for yourself while you are there!  🙂 You can sign up for a Totsy account here!


Swagbucks…right now Swagbucks is offering 250 Swagbucks when you shop through them at Gap online.  Even better, you get 30% off your order of $29 or more before shipping and taxes!  Woohoo!  If you don’t know what Swagbucks is, it’s a search engine (just like Google) that actually “pays you back” for searching!  You earn “Swagbucks” every time you do a search through them, and then you can trade them in for things like Amazon gift cards once your balance hits a certain amount.  Occasionally, they have deals like the Gap one I described above that I like to take advantage of as well, so, just thought I would share!  You can sign up for an account with Swagbucks here!

Stay tuned for more deals later on today!  🙂

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