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No-mess water bag toy

I just thought I would share a super simple, frugal idea for a no-mess water toy for toddlers.  I got the idea from a friend after seeing a pic of her little guy playing with this on her Facebook.

All you need to make it is a large Ziploc bag, water, and duct tape.  Optional are oil, food coloring and small non-pointy items, like beads or buttons.


no mess water bag toy

My little guy playing with his water bag on the patio door window!


I filled the Ziploc bag with about 2-3 inches of water and added a bit of oil to add some interest to the plain water.  You will want to hold the bag over the sink once you have a bit of water in it to make sure there are no little holes that could spring a big leak!

Also, I had some old container of cupcake sprinkles that were in the shape of hearts and stars that I threw in there so the baby could see something moving around when he touched the bag.  Finally, I made sure the Ziploc bag was good and shut and then duct taped it to the window, right about the height of his head.

He spent a good 10-15 minutes just pounding on the bag, watching the water move around!  However, we did have to move the bag up a couple inches right after taking the above pictures since he decided that he wanted to try and eat the bottom corner of the bag!

I have left the bag taped to the window so that he has something else to pound on when he plays in his little area, and I will probably leave it there for the next few days or so…it seems to have withstood the pounding he gave it today pretty well, so I’m hoping it will survive a few more days!

Do you have any ideas for frugal, simple toys for your kids?


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Family time fun!

family time fun

We all know the importance of spending time together as a family, and at the end of the work week, the thing I want most is to come home and spend some quality time with my own.  Some time ago, I realized that the time I was spending with my kids seemed always to be occupied by other things that moms have to do- cook, clean, prepare lunches for the week, check homework, pay bills, and so on.  Yes, I was doing valuable work that needed to be done in order to keep the household running, but that guilty feeling kept creeping up every time I had to tell the kids “Just a second” or “Let me finish this” when they asked for me to play.

My husband and I talked and decided that we needed to change that.  At the time, our kids were six and four; the baby had not been born yet.  We came up with the solution of instituting “family time.”  Yep, it was that simple.  All we did was make a conscious effort  to spend 30 minutes together  as a family every night doing an activity that one member of the family picked, taking turns.

Before we knew it, “family time” became such an integral part of our routine every evening that the kids expected and asked for it.  We were so happy that all it took was a little change and focused effort; our kids felt so valued, and we all looked forward to having our turn at deciding the activity!

Read on for some of our favorite picks for family time…

1.  Play a board game.  Our favorites:

Operation– Fun to hear the buzzer if you hit the metal, and they come in different versions now!  We play the classic (but updated version).  Most appropriate for ages 5 and up.


Candyland– Been playing this one since the kids were old enough to move the little game pieces!  Still a favorite for the kids…of course, they love fantasizing that they are gobbling up all the sweets along the way!


Monopoly Jr. Party version– Lots of fun and a more appropriate version for the little ones.  Sometimes we make up our own rules for the Party Box (we pay the box instead of the bank when someone buys a party), and we take turns between myself, my hubby and my seven year old with being the banker.  Great math practice!


Time Will Tell game– Awesome game to help kids tell time!  We have been using this since my son was six and in the first grade.  I would recommend waiting until your child is old enough to understand the concept of time before playing this, otherwise tears and frustration may ensue!  (I learned this the hard way!

Kids Games: Kids Learn to Tell Time Game – Time Well Tell Game – $16.95

from: The Land of Nod


Zingo!– My five year old daughter LOVES this game, and I love it too since she is practicing sight words and patterns!  The kids love the card dispenser, and I love that the pieces are sturdy enough (made of a harder plastic) to withstand lots of play time!

Cat in the Hat, I Can do That– All-time favorite of the entire family!  Comes with cards and props.  You draw three cards from the bunch and have to complete the action that the cards describe. We have had some funny combinations, like “Walk backwards around the Trick-a-ma-stick three times while holding the boat under your left arm”.  Definitely a test of coordination skills, and it keeps the kids guessing what combination will come next!

2.  Have a dance party.  We either put on the iPad and rock out to our songs downloaded on iTunes or use the Pandora music stations on our tv.  Sometimes the dance parties get so intense that we go into dance-off mode!  This is one of my daughter’s favorite activities for family time! (See her take on dance parties in this video.)  The baby has definitely joined in on more than one occasion, too!  (Watch his first dance moves here!)


3.  Build something together.  We LOVE the Melissa and Doug Suspend game!  The idea is to build a tower of sorts with these long wire pieces that are kinda bent at different angles.  The object is to see if you can get all of the pieces to stay on the base together, obviously without having it fall.  This is such a fun, intense, and surprising game which practices strategic thinking !

Another building idea is to partner up and give each group the same amount of Legos or K’nex.  Then see who can come up with the best/most creative construction!  Of course, you may want to come up with some criteria ahead of time, like what you are building, time limits, etc.


4.  Have a puzzle competition.  We like to partner up (one of us per kid) and go against the other team to see who can put together a puzzle
the fastest.  Once again, this gets really intense, and we all really get into it!


5.  Play Transformers Hide n Seek.  Or My Little Pony, or whatever toy!  My little guy invented this game for one of his Family Time activities.  Check out the video we made explaining how to play!


6. Make something creative.  Cheerios, popcorn and pasta have all been victim to necklace accessories in this household!  It is also fun to just throw a bunch of stuff in a bowl (old craft stuff, dry pasta, little trinkets that kids receive from birthday parties, etc.) and see which group can come up with the most interesting creation!


The most important thing of all is to do what is fun and meaningful to your family.  I have shared what works for us– use if you wish, or use my ideas as a starting point for something totally unique!

If you already incorporate family time into your routine, how is it done in your household?



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Sneaky Quinoa Banana Pudding (with spinach!)

quinoa banana spinach pudding

Since I started in my quest to have my third baby eat what we eat as a family and not buy baby food, I have been experimenting in the kitchen.  This recipe is a product of my baby’s love for quinoa and bananas (though usually not together), and my obsession with coconut oil.  And, sneaky mama that I am, I always try to fit in some veggies whenever I can.

This recipe for Quinoa Banana Pudding with Spinach has so many benefits:  quinoa, a supergrain and the only complete plant protein; banana, an original super food; spinach, packed with vitamins and minerals; and coconut oil, digestion aid and immune system booster.  It’s simple, delicious, and a recipe you can give to the whole family!

photo 1 (4)


-handful of chopped baby spinach

-1/4 cup cooked quinoa

-one large banana

-1 tbsp. extra virgin unrefined coconut oil

-cinnamon to taste (optional)



1.  Sautée baby spinach in a pan with coconut oil on medium high for about four to five minutes.

2.  Meanwhile, mash banana in a small to medium bowl.

3.  Add cooked quinoa and cinnamon to smashed banana while spinach cools.

4.  Add spinach (making sure all of the oil makes its way into the mixture) to quinoa banana mixture and stir to combine all ingredients.

5.  Put all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until it has a smooth creamy texture.


You can serve this right away or cool it in the fridge.  It makes enough for a couple small servings or one bigger serving.  My baby and I loved it!  My older two kids and the hubby aren’t big pudding fans (since I never buy it), so it will take some convincing to get them to try it.  Let me know if you give it a shot!


*Use organic ingredients if possible to get the most possible health benefits.


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Fun with foil: a simple kids’ craft

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am constantly looking for something new to keep my kids busy and off of technology for at least a good part of the day.  I see some really cool ideas on Pinterest, but, most of the time, I don’t have the materials I need to even begin the project!  In my desperation to combat the dreaded “I’m bored” coming from my son’s mouth, I came up with this activity for him to do.  Honestly, I was cooking in the kitchen when he came up to me with the “I don’t know what to do” complaint.  I walked into the pantry to grab something, saw the aluminum foil, and “voilá!”, this idea was born!

All you need for this simple craft is aluminum foil.  Nothing else!  Just rip or cut it into strips, and let your kids’ creativity do the rest!

aluminum foil craft step 1

Step 1:  Take a out a piece of aluminum foil, about a foot out of the box.  Tear little starting “tabs” at the top of the foil piece (about an inch apart), like shown in the photo above.


aluminum foil step 2

Step 2:  Tear the aluminum foil sheet into (more or less) even strips.  You can cut, too, if you feel like your ripping skills are subpar. :)


aluminum foil step 3


aluminum foil 3b

Step 3:  Squeeze and pinch the aluminum foil strips so that they form pliable “wire-like” pieces.


aluminum foil step 4

Step 4:  Start pinching and pushing the pieces together to form different figures–let your kids get creative here!  In this picture, Devin is making a snowflake.  My daughter decided to break the pieces apart and try to make her name.


aluminum foil 5

Step 5:  Show off your creations!  Devin ended up making a mini tv set!

The kids had fun and stayed entertained for a good 30 minutes with this.  And, they really enjoyed crumpling all of the little aluminum foil pieces into a big ball when they were done.  I know this activity is SUPER simple, but sometimes simplicity = creativity, which is always a good thing in my book!

Did you try this activity with your kids?  Do you do something similar?  I’d love your feedback in the comments!

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

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Simple ideas to reconnect with your kids



I know as a working mom that every once in a while I just need to take time to sit down and reconnect with my kids.  I am very lucky to be able to have the weekends at home with them and most evenings as well.  However, most of my time at home is spent doing meal prep, taking care of the baby, grading or preparing for classes, cleaning, and just simply trying to keep up with the chaos!

I try to take special time every week at some point to do at least one of the activities mentioned below with each one of my kids.  There are times when I know my oldest son need more of an “invisible string” kind of day (see below).  Maybe another day my daughter will prefer to listen to her birth story and read.  No matter the activity, as long as I am taking time to simply “be” with them and do nothing else for that short amount of time, they are happy.  And, that genuine happiness that comes from a place of just wanting to spend time with mommy is priceless.

Below are some things that I do to reconnect with my own children. Take these ideas and copy them, make them yours, twist them completely until they fit your lifestyle and your kids’ personalities.  The point is to spend uninterrupted time with your child doing something that makes them feel important.

1.  Read two books with your child- one he/she chooses and one you choose.  Both of you explain why you chose the book you did and share your favorite parts after reading.   Click on the images to check out a few of our favorite books.



2.  Tell them their birth story*.  And, no, I’m not talking about the gory details.  We are going to focus on the parts that won’t give your child nightmares here!  Narrate to your child how you felt when he/she was born and what the first thing was that you noticed when they were placed in your arms.  For my oldest son, it was his big, brown eyes.  For my daughter, it was her head full of black hair.  And, for my baby boy, it was his perfect little nose.  Tell about how you felt at that time and how in love you were with that little bundle of joy! I also like to include how we prepared at home for their arrival and who was there when we brought them home for the first time.  I tell them all of the details, down to the outfit they were wearing! My kids LOVE listening to their birth stories; I feel like it gives them a sense of knowing that they always have been wanted, important, and loved, even from before the time they were born.


3.  Create an “invisible string”.  I always tell my kids that there is an invisible string that connects our hearts no matter what.  In order to “recharge” the string, we have to hug for 20 seconds (the amount of time that a hug should last in order to get the “feel-good” boost of oxytocin hormone going).  That string then can never be broken, no matter where any of us may be, so we are always connected.  This tactic always helps if my son has had a particularly rough day.  This is great for those parents who have to send their kids to daycare or who are away from their kids for an extended amount of time.


4.  Go through old family photos together.  Kids love looking at pictures and start to become more interested in their family history around age six or seven.  As you go through the pictures, be sure to include any funny and pertinent stories in order to make the people in the pictures more real for your children.  They also may find they have a special connection with a certain relative!  This activity has been especially important with my children since all of my grandparents and a couple of my favorite uncles all passed away before my children were born.  It’s such a great way to keep the family history alive and provide your children with those roots.


5.  Cook together. Give your child the choice between a couple of recipes that are easy to prepare and yummy favorites for them.  Let your child measure out the ingredients and do some simple preparation, such as washing fruits and vegetables and putting ingredients in a bowls or blender.  Make a vow NOT to the let the mess bother you just this one time, and ask your child to help clean up afterward.  Serve your family your kitchen creation.


How fun would these plates be for serving dinner?


Whichever activity you choose, enjoy it and relish the time spent with your little ones.  They grow up way too fast!


*I fully realize that not everyone’s birth story will be a positive experience and in no way intend to make light of serious physical and emotional issues that arise for many parents.  I simply included this because my own experiences have been very positive ones.




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Make your own baby food: easy cinnamon apples


My baby after his cinnamon apples are gone!

My baby after his cinnamon apples are gone!

I will admit that when I was a first time mom, I bought into (quite literally) the pre-made baby food in the supermarket, since that is what I thought babies were “supposed” to eat.  I never realized how simple and how much healthier making my own baby food could be until I started experimenting with my second child.  Currently, with my third child, I rarely buy any packaged puréed baby food in the supermarket, with the exception of some Plum Organics pouches that I will mix in with some homemade organic quinoa or oats to give it more texture.  He enjoys the foods that we eat as a family, only in smaller, more manageable pieces for his little hands.  Not only is making his baby food fun for me, but I feel good knowing exactly what is in it and where it came from.  I started preparing this easy cinnamon apple recipe a couple months ago when he was nine months old.  He already had six teeth by then, so I felt safe giving it to him.  My baby loves it, and I hope yours does too!


-one small to medium organic apple (I used the Gala variety)

-organic ground cinnamon


Directions:cutting the apple

1.  Wash and slice about half of an apple into wedges.

apple wedges

 2.  Cut the peel off of the apple wedges.

apples in microwave

3.  Microwave the wedges for about 30 seconds on high.  Test when they come out to see if they have softened up enough.  If not, put them back in at 10-15 second intervals until they come out how you want them.  They should look like this:

soft cinnamon apples

apples with cinnamon

4.  Next, coat the softened apples with cinnamon and toss them with your hands to coat all of the pieces evenly. Note:  You will want to wait about five minutes, until they have cooled.

cutting cinnamon apples

5.  Chop the cinnamon-coated soft apple wedges into little chunks.  I make them about 1/2 inch, but you should decide what size is best for your baby to manage.

storing cinnamon apples

6.  Store chopped cinnamon apples in glass storage containers.  These will keep well in the refrigerator for about three days.  Freeze leftover apples.

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Create a reading niche for your kids

My own little ones' reading niche!

My own little ones’ reading niche!

Reading is a crucial part of learning and brain development for our growing little ones.  We all know that reading just 20 minutes a day has been linked to significant increases in achievement in kids as well.  Reading is pretty darn important, so it is necessary to give reading the respect it deserves, especially when dealing with somewhat reluctant readers (like my second-grade son).  By treating the act of reading as a special event and giving it an attractive “home”, I have seen that my kids are more likely to pick up a book on their own without me even having to ask them!  Thus, the idea of the “reading niche” was born.

How do you create a reading niche?  Basically, I included components that I felt would make my kids want to stay in the “reading niche.”  I wanted it to be comfy, colorful and full of light.  Here is what I chose (refer to pic above for image):

1.   Comfy seating.  This is a necessity.  If there is nowhere comfortable to sit, the kids won’t stay there very long.  The point is to entice them to relax.  So, don’t be afraid to invest some $$ in some seating that will do the trick.  I chose the ones in the picture from Land of Nod.  They are personalized so there is never any fighting over who gets which seat!  Also, I like that the cover to the seat is washable.

2.  Kid-friendly book storage.  This is absolutely necessary when creating a reading niche.  You will want to make sure that the place where the books are stored is accessible at all levels and safe for the kids.  I like the one we use since it has soft canvas pouches that hold the books, and it is the perfect height for all of my kids!

3.  A good reading light.  Once the daylight has gone, you will want to have a nice floor lamp that can be adjusted in order to give light to the little ones if they decide to read at night.  I like the one we have since it has three different lights, and I have the ability to turn one on or turn all three lights on at once!  I have placed the floor lamp behind the bookcase so that cords are out of reach.

4.  Natural light.  If at all possible, you will want your reading niche’s central location to be by a source of natural light.  My toy room is perfect for this because we have a little bump-out with the window that created the perfect spot to put our reading niche.  You don’t have to have yours right by a window, but somewhere near one is preferable since natural light is just better overall for kids. :)

5.  Basket of stuffed animals and blankets.  I decided to include this for two main reasons:  First, kids like to cuddle.  By placing their favorite stuffed animals and a few snuggly blankets in a basket, I am encouraging them to make themselves comfortable and stay a while.  Secondly, my daughter loves reading to her dolls, so I thought throwing a few of those in the basket would be fun. :)

And, finally, I thought I would share a few of my kids’ favorite books that have taken up residence in our reading niche.

–>Favorite books/magazines of my seven year old boy:

Pop-up Facts Human Body

Scholastic Wild Weather Pack

–>Favorite books of my five year old girl:


Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

–>Favorite books of my 11 month old baby boy:

Disney Baby Einstein Amazing Animals Play-a-sound

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

–>Magazines my kids love:

Highlights for Children

Disney Princess Magazine



Do you have a reading niche in your home?  What are your children’s favorite books?  I would love to hear about what you do in the comments!



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Random stuff my baby tried to eat that isn’t food #1

In our household, it is an everyday occurrence that the baby (now almost 11 months old) will find something that is decidedly NOT food and try to eat it.  I do not know how he finds the the things he does; I swear to God I clean my house!  Honestly, I find this so strange and humorous that I decided to keep a record of it– why not?  So, here you have the first post in what I am assuming is going to be an ongoing series of “Random stuff my baby tried to eat that isn’t food”

Exhibit #1

Random things #1

Random things #1

Ok, let me explain what you are looking at.  From the left…

-A leaf from my money tree plant.  After calling the Poison Control Center because he had chewed and swallowed I don’t know how much of the leaf, I found out the plant’s scientific name is “Pachira Aquatica”.  Sounds pretty doesn’t it?  Good thing it is not toxic.  My husband thinks the baby tried eating this since I am always giving him spinach.  Fair enough.

-At top you will see a peeled sticker from a diaper box that was sitting on the floor in his room.  Look away for a second to straighten up in the room as he is playing on the floor and I hear him chewing…I managed to pull this one out whole.  Score!

-At far right you have one of those googly eye craft thingys…this was also found in his room on the floor.  We just vacuumed his room!  I don’t get how these random things keep appearing in HIS room, but I have a feeling it has something to do with my daughter and her dolls.  Maybe.

-And, finally, at bottom right you have a dust bunny.  Please do not judge.  These accumulate like CRAZY in my house during the winter with wood floors!  Never fails with baby boy.  Every time he sees one, he puts it in his mouth.  Every. single. time.

And, there you have it!  Stuff the baby tried to eat today…let’s see how tomorrow goes!

The cutie pie eating all of the randomness

The cutie pie eating all of the randomness


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Toy organization: which type of storage is best?

If you have kids, you have toys.  And, it’s likely that you have so many toys you have absolutely no idea what to do with them all.  Welcome to the club!  I have three children (two boys and a girl), all at different ages and stages.  So, I have found myself in a few different dilemmas when it comes to toy organization:

-What toy storage is appropriate and safe for a toddler AND school-aged kids?

-What kind of toy storage goes with my décor? (let’s face it- this is a big one!)

-What is going to give me the most value for the best quality?

The issue of age appropriateness is probably the most difficult one of all to address since toddlers and school-aged kids have different needs.  My toddler is playing with toys that are bigger, that make sounds, and the have lots of blocks, balls, and big parts to them.  He needs a space big enough to contain those bigger toys and another place to shove smaller toys- a place that is not going to hurt him if he falls into it, and one that is lightweight yet sturdy enough for him to maneuver.  My daughter needs space to store her dress-up clothes, dolls & accessories, puzzles, games and other endless amount of tiny trinkets.  She needs to be able to have some sort of organization happening so that the dolls and their hair do not get tangled up in the puzzles and dress-up clothes.  Then my oldest son needs a place for his Legos, cars, Transformers and learning games. Ideally, he needs something that will allow him to display built toys and divide up and categorize his blocks and such.  Also, having somewhere to put all those stuffed animals and another spot to to put the hundreds of books we have would be nice (the book situation will be discussed in another post:). What the heck can I get that will address all of THAT?

I think I have done a fairly adept job at researching the best toy organization systems out there that are neutral enough to go with almost any décor and give lots of value for the price.  Below I have highlighted various toy storage options that I have used and explained how and during which developmental stage I used each.

1.  The big ol’ basket.

Half Tone Rattan Floor Baskets – Blue Rattan Floor Basket
from: The Land of Nod

This type of storage has been awesome for keeping those stuffed animals and baby doll clothing at bay.  It is great also for storing those toddler toys that are bigger and can literally just be thrown into a container (soft blocks, balls, all manner of stuffed toys with buttons that make noise, etc.).  Currently I own a few baskets and use them in different areas of the house to contain the mess.  Bonus–they are so neutral they are like part of the décor itself. :)

2.  The storage trunk with a lid

Elephant Toy Box – Canvas Elephant Toy Chest – $24.95

from: The Land of Nod

Upholstered Toy Box With Feet – Custom Upholstered Storage Bench with Feet

from: The Land of Nod

The first image above (the toy box with the elephant) is like one I have used with my kids when they were old enough to know to open a toy trunk, around a year or so of age.  I prefer canvas, since it is a durable material, yet the lid is soft enough not to cause pain or injury to the little ones if it is to fall on top of them while they have their hands in rummaging for toys.  Isn’t that elephant just adorable though?

The toy box in in the bottom image is like one I have used with my daughter (except hers is pink, of course) since she was about three years of age.  It works great as another place in her room to keep her dress-up clothes and the few stray dolls that have found their way out of the toy room upstairs.  It is durable as well, and I love the fact that the top is removable since there is no chance of bending it backward and breaking it.  The material is soft enough to lessen the chance of injury, once again.  Oh, and it’s super cute!

3.  The open toy bins with shelves

Storagepalooza: Kids Stacking Toy Storage – Grey 2-Bin Storagepalooza

from: The Land of Nod

This has been a favorite purchase of mine, though understandably a bit more costly since it is made of real wood.  My husband and I purchased two sets of the three-bin toy storage and two sets of double-tiered shelves of the same style to go on top instead of the double toy bin you see in the picture.  So, each of the older children would have their own three-bin toy storage system on bottom and a double-tiered shelf on top.  We chose to order them in an espresso color (they are available in a variety of colors–white, navy, grey, espresso, purple, etc.), since it went with our bamboo flooring that was in the toy room.  We have been so pleased with the sturdiness, utility and beautiful look of these pieces that we would totally buy more in a heartbeat if we needed them!  Once again, the open top concept has been a lifesaver, since we literally can just throw toys into the bins and they look organized!

For my daughter, we divided her toys into the following categories for the three-bin storage:  toy food, dress-up clothes and accessories, dolls & accessories.  On the top double shelves, we organized her puzzles, play doctor’s kit, horse figurines, dollhouse, and carrying case for her ponies.

For my son, we divided the bottom three-bin storage into the following categories:  cars, Transformers and Bakugan, and other random small things that would go nowhere else…lol.  On the shelves we put his built Lego sets, a few special Transformers, card games, and other building sets.

We ordered these when the kids were three and five, and we are happy that we will be able to get some use out of them in the future as desk or dresser shelves when they are older.  We definitely got our money’s worth here!

4.  Smaller baskets to contain loose stuff

Kids Storage Containers: Kids Woven Strap Shelf Basket – Dk

from: The Land of Nod

This type of basket is wonderful for storing those extra little pieces of Legos, Transformers building instructions, little girl make-up and hair accessories, loose puzzle pieces, and anything else small that needs a home.  I like that the height of them is tall enough to store longer objects, but the size is manageable for a little one.  They come in so many different colors that you can find them to go with any room décor and are a great value.  Also, they fit nicely inside of one another if you ever needed to swap some out and store them for any reason.  Awesome little basket!

I have personally used and loved the products mentioned.  What toy storage do you use?  Have you tried the products above?  Do you have a creative way to store toys?  Leave me a comment– I would love to feature your idea as a blog post!  :)

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Our “cold day” indoor activities

Here are some snippets from our “cold day” home from school.  These activities could be done on any day your kiddos have to be stuck inside.  Though these activities were so simple, we had so much fun!  Feel free to share below if you like!

image (56)

Camden is at his limit with “cold day” fun!

We used these fun tattoos from Land of Nod to do hand puppet shows…they were Christmas-related, but the kids didn’t care!

hand tattoos

Fun hand tattoos from Land of Nod


We got the idea for “wax paper skating” from one of my good friends on Facebook, who got it from here.  I even joined in on the fun– it was an awesome workout!  Especially on the bamboo floors!  :)

image (54)

Skating fun with wax paper!

image (53)

More wax paper skating– works great on wood floors!


And, finally, we did our scavenger hunt!  I have done this numerous times with the kids and they never get tired of it!  Included in their treasure bags:  a tiny goodie bag with some dark chocolate chips, a hand tatoo, a small sticker book, a plastic Easter egg with a piece of gum in it, a wooden spinning top, and one big “Super Estrella” sticker (what can I say?  I’m a Spanish teacher!).

image (52)

Finding their “treasures” at the end of the scavenger hunt!

image (51)

Reading a clue during their scavenger hunt

Do you have any fun indoor activities that you do with your kids?  Comment below to possibly be featured on my blog!


*All images are property of Megacoolmama and may not be reproduced without my permission.*


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